Supervised work

Demival creates a working environment comparable to a ‘normal’ company, but in which workers with a handicap are central.

Employment tailored to users’ requirements
Appropriate work in conjunction with ergonomic and job analysis forms one of the cornerstones of successful employment. Demival is always seeking jobs that are suitable for its employees and which fit in with the individual capabilities of workers via an in-depth study of methods and workstations.

Individual supervision
Demival offers individual supervision aimed at encouraging and developing all of the worker’s capabilities and integrating the individual with a handicap in the best possible way into the working situation with an appropriate task. Supervisors will take the time required to teach the worker the necessary skills and to make him or her familiar with the required attitudes: concentration, accuracy, a regular and suitable pace of work, etc.

Social supervision
An important aspect of the tasks taken on by the personnel department at Demival is to accommodate and guide the individual social issues of users by providing advice, direct assistance or references.