Mission - Vision - Values


As a tailor-made company, Demival offers meaningful and sustainable work in a safe, warm and supportive environment, to people with a distance from the labour market.

Demival provides for effective guidance and training, which aims to grow and develop persons who are temporarily or permanently unable to enter the regular economical circuit. With the possibility of helping realize growth to the labour market .


Demival strives to balance the balance between economic (profitable works through a good economic policy supported by subsidisation) and social (attention to the total person of the user), and does so with an infrastructure and professional framework.

Demival offers a safe, ergonomic and sustainable working environment, in which the maximum of guidance, training and support for our employees is achieved.

Demival is a dynamic and leading sustainable trading partner and strives for a 100% customer satisfaction. That's why she flexible and dynamically responds to the needs of the market.


Demival places great emphasis on the following values:

  • Consultation and shared responsibility are important: open and honest communication with the employees, responsabilisation of their capacities,  giving all necessary support;
  • Involvement of the employees;
  • Respect for the privacy;
  • Respect for the individuallity of the employee: ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, social background, ideology, trade union involvement, ...;
  • To the customers, Demival wants to work customer-oriented with the emphasis on customer friendliness, delivering quality at a decent price within the pre-set time and in a flexible way;
  • Against society, Demival wants to corporate social responsibility. Demival therefore makes the necessary efforts to increase sustainability.