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For people, by people

Demival is a sheltered employment company in Deinze that provides meaningful and profitable work for over 450 employees who are distanced from the labour market. In total, Demival has over 600 employees, a large group of whom form the necessary framework and social guidance so that everyone is given maximum opportunities.

Demival is also a production company specialised in packing and repacking foodstuffs (BRC, IFS) such as chocolate. To do so, Demival has at its disposal the right infrastructure, such as hygienic areas and temperature-regulated storage spaces. In addition, Demival also has 3 strong technical departments (ISO 9001): metal processing, cable assembly and circuit board assembly. This means that Demival has the unique possibility of providing total solutions in electrical fitting and installation. It is able to supply fully finished technical end products, for example, starting from the first stage of purchasing goods, then manufacturing components, doing the full fitting, testing and packing. What is more, Demival also has a landscaping and greenery service.

Demival consciously opts for partnerships. Our long-term collaboration with our partners enables us to join the customer in thinking of solutions and optimising the entire supply chain together. Local anchorage with the customers is a great advantage and added value. Demival is also a unique playground for technical innovation and customers can rely on Demival for prototypes, zero series and mass production.

Demival also focuses strongly on sustainability. Besides bearing its responsibility regarding the social aspect of a sheltered employment company, it also invests in the environment. It has an ISO14001 certificate, for example. There are solar panels on all roofs, the landscaping and greenery department works with electrically powered garden tools, bans bottled water and strongly promotes bicycles. These are but a few of numerous other actions it undertakes.

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Demival vzw aims to combine both (high) technical activities with operational activities and thereby structurally focus on innovative processes. With these activities, Demival vzw supports many business activities from various sectors on the one hand, and creates great shared value on the other. As a tailor-made company, Demival vzw is committed to offering fully-fledged workplaces to people with a distance to the labor market. A triple win for people, business and economy.

The baseline 'for people, by people' translates in two ways. On the one hand, the work is done 'for people', for customers for whom Demival puts maximum effort into expertise, flexibility and reliability. On the other hand, the work is done 'by people', which indicates the priority and strategic social objective of professionally guiding people with disabilities and giving them maximum employment opportunities.

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