Packaging of food, non food and on-site work

Demival packs food and non-food products by using innovative techniques in state-of-the-art production areas. Our employees also work on the customer’s work floor and, by so doing, we avoid unnecessary transport.

PCB assembly

A unique Belgian combination of engineering, know-how and input by Demival employees. The most diverse circuit boards can be assembled in this department. The focus here is on production engineering, work preparation, purchasing and logistics. Companies can rely on this Demival department for tropicalisation or coating, potting, through-hole assembly and SMD assembly (both one-sided and double-sided).

Electrical fitting and installation

This department is often deployed in a manner that integrates other Demival technical expertise such as PCB assembly and metalworking. These three departments can function individually but more often than not they are grouped together, and, in this way, they sustainably unburden many production companies of a substantial part of the production process.


Vast expertise as the basis for total solutions. At Demival, there are over thirty years of experience and knowledge, which are put into practice by means of modern machinery. This combination guarantees that total concepts are brought to fruition, and these are often accompanied by rather complex metal and/or synthetic processing.

Landscaping and greenery department

Most municipalities have their own greenery department but sometimes opt to outsource work to a reliable partner during peak periods and to accommodate major projects. Other organisations such as schools, hospitals, companies, and nursing homes for the elderly engage Demival to maintain their gardens and parks as well.

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