About us

About us

Mission, vision & values

Our mission

As a sheltered employment company, Demival provides meaningful work in a safe, warm and supporting environment to personnel distanced from the labour market.
Demival provides targeted guidance and training, which aims to enable people who are temporarily or permanently unable to work on the regular labour market to grow and develop and, by so doing, to assist them in bringing to fruition the possibility of making headway.

Our vision

Demival aims to maintain a balance between the financial aspects (working profitably by means of a sound financial policy with the support of subsidies) and the social aspects (attending to all the user’s needs) and it does this by using an adjusted infrastructure and providing a professional framework.

Demival provides a safe, ergonomic and sustainable working environment in which maximum guidance, training and support are achieved for our employees.

Demival is a dynamic and leading sustainable trading partner and aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
That is why it has a flexible approach and dynamically taps into the needs of the market.

Our values

The following values apply to and for its employees:

  • Deliberation and shared responsibility are important: open and honest communication with the employees, always pointing out their possibilities and supporting them to bring these to fruition;
  • Employee’s involvement;
  • Respect for privacy;
  • Respect for every employee’s individuality: ethnic origin, gender, sexual inclination, social background, ideology, and involvement in trade union activity;
  • Demival wants to act in a customer-oriented manner, emphasising customer friendliness and by flexibly providing high quality at a good price within the pre-determined deadline;
  • Demival wants to duly fulfil its corporate social responsibility towards the community. That is why it makes the necessary efforts to increase sustainability.


Demival was established in 1966 on leased premises measuring 550 m² at the Kortrijksesteenweg in Deinze. The first part of the building at Machelenstraat 169 in Deinze was started in 1970 which, in due course, expanded to become a building with a surface area of 12,900 m². This was followed by the opening of a brand-new air-conditioned building with a floor surface area of 3,700 m² and a utility surface area of 6,550 m² at Machelenstraat 128 in 2006. Demival has 600 employees today, 470 of whom are disabled. The site has a utility production surface area of 20,000 m².

Social and sustainable entrepreneurship

Demival vzw clearly explains in its mission statement how it makes every effort to provide meaningful and profitable work to people who are temporarily or permanently unable to form part of the normal economic labour market. During the past few years, Demival vzw has progressed even further regarding sustainable industrial processes, infrastructural sustainable installations and aiming for the general well-being of its employees. By doing so, the company wants to achieve better results in the ESG score and wants to expand its general social role. It does this, for example, by investing in new ERP processes, in sustainable energy by way of solar panels and promoting commuting to work by bicycle by providing its employees with bicycle helmets. These are but a few examples of a far-reaching choice of policy to achieve visible social added value at various levels over and above financial driving forces.

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